Creativity, Extended Cognition and Artificial Intelligence

On Friday the 3rd of February 2017 I will be presenting the paper “Brain and Creativity: a cognitive approach” at the “Creativity, Extended Cognition and Artificial Intelligence” conference that will be held at Università degli Studi di Milano (Milan, IT).

Gregorium @ Transitions

Gregorium is a sound installation that will be exhibited on the 19th January at the Crypt Gallery (London), during the event “Transitions” (Artistank Private View). Gregorium is a contemporary revisitation of Liturgic music and its evolution in time, where the

The Fantasic Christmas Tree

I decided to play around and make a web-controlled Christmas tree. I created a web server to host the web page to control the tree and obviously it works only when connected to the Wifi. I used the following: –

Mind the Chair @ Patchlab

Mind the Chair will be at Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology during the Patchlab Festival in Krakow, 11-16 Oct 2016. Gallery

Rain @ Draw to Perform 3

Rain is a live painting performance by Hitomi Kammai (with videos by Yuko Yama) in which I am collaborating as sound designer. The performance will take place on July the 30th 2016, at Crows Nest Gallery in London during the


“Time expands, then contracts, all in tune with the stirrings of the heart.” (H. Murakami)

Creative thinking: a brain computer interface of art

On July 1st 2016 I will present the paper CREATIVE THINKING: A BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE OF ART of art at the International Conference on Live Interfaces at Sussex University (Brighton, UK). The paper was written by Raffaella Folgieri, Ludovico Dei

Little Chicken

Little chicken is a particle video made in Processing. It aims to give a representation of a human being through digital media. A human is hereby intended as the sum of multiple parts (particles) moving in a non-predictive way but

JAAV (Just Another Audio Visualization)

After using Processing for a few projects I really wanted to explore its audio functions and make an audio visualization. My main concern was about the fact that there are already hundres, thousands, millions of audio visualization tools out there

The Sense of Exploration

This is a project by Palakshi Pal that I realized with Arduino. “After all my friends I walked for over 10 minutes around Pimlico and it was a beautiful experience for me as I did not know where I was

Mind the Chair @ AV DEPOT #2

Mind the Chair will be at AV DEPOT #2 in London, the 25th June 2016. Gallery VIEW ALL The video of the event

Audio: articoli e guide

Questi sono i link di alcuni articoli e guide all’acquisto che ho scritto per il forum   Cuffie Microfoni Schede e interfacce audio Tastiere e controller MIDI Diffusori acustici Diritto d’autore e SIAE

CSS3: rotate

Da un po’ di tempo avevo intenzione di modificare il logo del mio sito in modo da farlo ruotare “tridimensionalmente”. All’inizio ho cercato plugin e script JQuery ma quando ho scoperto che era possibile creare l’animazione con CSS3 ho subito

Semantic priming as a form of cognitive empowerment

This dissertation was the result of the course Virtual Reality/Informatic representation of knowledge (Università degli Studi di Milano), and was written by Elisa Baccolo, Beatrice Bellomo and Francesco Soave, 2014. Priming is an automatic cognitive mechanism according to which the

3D printing with Ultimaker 2

In this article I’m going to share my experience in 3D printing with the Ultimaker 2 printer. The download link for the model is at the end of the page. The material I use is PLA, which is a kind

Mind the Chair @ Terni Festival

Mind the Chair will partecipate at the Terni Festival in Terni, 18 to 27 september. Gallery: VIEW ALL


This is the final project of my Undergraduate Degree in Informatica Musicale (Computer Science Applied to Music). The idea is to enhance the modular synth shown at the Museo degli Strumenti Musicali di Milano, allowing people to play with it.

Didge: a Csound project

Questo è un breve pezzo realizzato in Csound che fa uso di diversi metodi di sintesi (additiva, sottrattiva, am, granulare, DNL, resintesi). Visto che quando ho cominciato a studiare Csound avevo da poco iniziato a suonare il didgeridoo, ho deciso


LeapAdd is an application developed in Processing and PD using the LeapMotion controller. It allows to create simple chords (Maj, min, 7) depending on the hands position and shows how frequencies, notes and chords are related to each other. [A

Mind the Chair @ Dancity Festival

Mind the Chair will be part of the Dancity Festival that will take place in Foligno 3-4-5 of July. Gallery: VIEW ALL


Mind the Chair @ LPM 2015

Mind the Chair will be at the LPM FESTIVAL that will take place in Rome from 28 to 31 of May. Note that the installation will be exposed only in the days 28 and 29. Gallery: VIEW ALL

PHP: individuare dispositivi mobile

Ciao, con questo articolo voglio mostrare una semplice funzione per individuare se un utente che sta visitando il nostro sito stia utilizzando un dispositivo mobile. La funzione si basa sull’analisi dell’ USER AGENT attraverso la variabile $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] e facendo un

Mind the Chair @ Veronarisuona 2015

Mind the Chair will partecipate to VERONARISUONA FESTIVAL that will take place in Verona from 2 to 6 of June. You will be able to play with it the 6th of June in Corte Sgarzerie. Gallery: VIEW ALL


Mind the Chair @ Greentech Festival 2015

Mind the Chair will be at GREENTECH FESTIVAL that will take place in Pisa in the days 10-11 of April Here an article from Arshake. Gallery: VIEW ALL

HTML 5: datalist

Ciao, in questo breve articolo guardiamo questo nuovo campo, introdotto con HTML5 e che ho trovato molto utile e semplice da implementare. Senza di questo dovremmo metterci a scrivere cose più complesse in js. Io l’ho utilizzato per suggerire all’utente

Down The Hill

PHPMailer e allegati

Ciao, in questo articolo mostrerò del codice che ho usato io per inviare allegati con la libreria PHPMailer. La libreria la trovate QUI e vi basta caricarla sul server per averla funzionante. Vediamo le 3 parti di codice. La prima

Mind the Chair

Mind the Chair is an interactive installation which focuses on giving a real time audio/visual representation of the activity of our brain, and to show how it can be possible to control it. In fact, the installation allows to visualize

da PHP a Excel con PHPExcel

  Ciao, in questo articolo analizzo del codice che ho usato io per stampare un documento .ods (Excel, Calc) da php, con dati presi dal database. So che può essere complicato all’inizio, per questo analizzerò il codice passo passo (in


  AirArp is an interactive installation made in Processing and using the Kinect that allows a person to virtually play a vertical strings instrument (like an arp). Currently with 10 strings and 3 different tunings.

Kali: tips and tricks

——————————————————————————————————————————————- Questo articolo raccoglie una serie di ‘tips and tricks’ per Kali. Eliminare Kali da VMware Per eliminare completamente Kali da VMware sono necessari 2 passaggi: 1) Da dentro VMware, tasto destro sul nostro OS e click ‘Remove’. Comparirà un

Tutorial: installare Kali Linux in VMware 10

——————————————————————————————————————————————- Ciao, questo articolo vi guida al percorso per installare kali in VMware. Anche se il tutorial è in italiano, per i programmi utilizzerò l’inglese (e consiglio anche a voi di farlo). Il tutorial è diviso in 2 parti. La

da PHP a PDF con tfpdf (utf-8)

Ciao, ho deciso di mettere qui un po’ di codice commentato che ho utilizzato io. Visto che all’inizio ho fatto fatica a capire come usare questa libreria ho pensato che a qualcuno potesse essere utile. Da notare che uso tfpdf



Some Day



  AudioPainting is an interactive installation, based on the Kinect, which allows to draw colors and generate sounds by moving the arms AudioPainting was used in these events: TouchTechnology, during the Milan Games Week Thrapeutical Tech, at CLUB 27 Touch