3D printing with Ultimaker 2

In this article I’m going to share my experience in 3D printing with the Ultimaker 2 printer.

The download link for the model is at the end of the page.

The material I use is PLA, which is a kind of biodegradable plastic
The opportunity to use a 3d printer arrived along with my new electro-acoustic guitar. In fact, the guitar didn’t have the plastic cover for the mic controls, so I decided to make it.

This is the object I will print




This was the state of my guitar





So, first of all I had to make a 3D model of the object. The software I used to do it is Cinema 4D. In order to print with the Ultimaker 2 a .STL file is required and not all the 3D modelling softwares provide this functionality. The .STL file will need to be opened into Cura (the Ultimaker sw) to export it with the proper machine file extension (.gcode). A more advanced software to do this is Slic3r (can also import .OBJ file).

This is the final model I came out with:



 And the bottom-sides are rounded to better fit the guitar shape


During the 3d modelling I printed a few models to check the measurements, the proportions and the width of the object and to make sure I was going the right direction and to test the precision of the 3d printer. These are a few trials that I printed.





Good, after some trials here’s the final result!



The model files (.c4d, .stl) can be download on Thingiverse here