"Time expands, then contracts, all in tune with the stirrings of the heart." (H. Murakami) "Gone" is the result of a collection of thoughts about the concept of time. Beginning with the fact that we do not realize time passes while happening, I wanted to create a personal representation of this. This artwork is a simple web page with a colored background that will change over time. It is impossible to see the color fading in real time, as it will take exactly one year to slowy fade from yellow to red. We can only realize the differences by looking at the page after days, weeks, months, as well as we only realize that time passes only when it's "Gone". After going through a tricky year of my life, I realized that this will end soon and still, I will miss some things and people I found in this "adventure". This artwork is dedicated to Soa, a special friend of mine. It began its cycle on September the 10th 2016 at 18 PM, exactly one year after we shared our first drink together as I consider that to be the moment that gave birth to our friendship. It will take exactly one year to complete its cycle, as this is the time while we shared this "adventure". After that, it will restart from the beginning: it will never stops as we do not forget the important things in our life, but it will always repeat the same cycle as we can't change things once they are "Gone".