The Sense of Exploration

This is a project by Palakshi Pal that I realized with Arduino.


“After all my friends I walked for over 10 minutes around Pimlico and it was a beautiful experience for me as I did not know where I was going. The footsteps guided me, the chatter of the people made me realise there were people around me. Sound is a very powerful sense and I believe when one is blindfolded they tend to focus towards their surrounding, through hearing and that is the only lead you have.”

“We are moving in this fast paced life where we are so unknown to our surroundings and its just the sight that enables us to be in an environment. I believe we are forgetting how strong is our ability to hear and process in a space even without seeing. This experiment made me realise that I want to challenge the power of sound and create a Library of Sounds based in and around Pimlico.”


“The whole idea of calling someone through a telephone booth and hearing the voice from the other side is what I want to create of this project. But in terms of the sound of Pimlico.
Creating a library of sounds and then dialing a code to probably hear the sound that existed in this space in the past.” (Palakshi Pal)